The following are influential People, Ideas, and Things Sharon often mentions and recommends…


Structural Integration / Rolfing  - Dr Ida P. Rolf

International Association of Structural Integration (IASI)

Guild For Structural Integration  (GSI)

Kinesis (KMI) Tom Myers ~ Anatomy Trains

Rolf Institute (RISI)

Hellerwork  - Joseph Heller

Soma Institute - Bill Williams

Ed Maupin ~ Eldest Rolfer / Structural Integration Practitioner, Teacher, Author, Muse.

Esalen Intsistute, Big Sur, California- Regeneration for the whole person

Richard Price - the Heart of Esalen

Hector Prestera, MD ~  Acupuncture co-author with Ron Kurtz of “The Body Reveals”

Ron Kurtz

Bernie Gunther ~  Esalen, IBM team building  

Lou Mobly - IBM Creator of Cybernetics

John Lilly, MD ~ Dolphins, Explorer of Inner Space 

Fritz Perls, MD ~ Gestalt Therapy

Joseph Campbell ~  Mythology of mankind all over the world for all time - many books & Bill Moyers PBS Interview DVD

Christine Price ~ Tribal Ground ~  carries on the Gestalt work of Dick Price

John Pierrakos, MD ~  Core Energetics

Core Energetics ~  Pam Chubbuck ~ Core Energetics South

Siegmar & Connie Gerken ~  Core Energetics West

Fritz Smith, DO ~  Zero Balance ZB

Jean Claude Guimberteau, MD  ~  A french hand surgeon who has taken videos of living tissue showing the fascia. Videos for sale from Endovivo.. and from Kinesis.

Gil Hedley ~ master of fascial dissection for the human form. Gil has recorded his somonaut  journeys on some amazing DVD's free on line - youtube

Tom Findley, MD ~ Fascial Research Congress  (FRC)

Joseph & Jacqueline Freeman, Friendly Haven Rise Farm (Horse/Animal Hellerwork, Bee Keeping)

Proliferative Therapy (prolo therapy) American Academy of Osteopathic Physicians

Briah Anson, ~  Animal Rolfing

Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen ~ Body-Mind Centering

Emily Conrad  ~ Continuuom

Judith Aston ~ Aston Patterning

Heather Brown, NYC ~ Rosen Breath Work

Anat Baniel ~ Method Feldenkrais

Elizabeth Kubler-Ross ~  Life Death and Transition Groups

Sepp Holtzer ~ Permaculture

TED Talks- is a source of over 1000 varied interesting talks for free online. Talks are mostly from 5 to 20 minutes maximum and are indexed and rated by viewers.

Kahn Academy (Most of College online for free)

MIT online for free


Health recommendations:

Slant Boards, From Bernard Jensen, DC, ~ Iridology
Recommended for circulation problems in the legs, and for lifting falling, sagging internal organs. You are using gravity to lift things up and back. 20 minutes gets the lymph out of the legs .. feels almost as good as a night’s sleep.

Edgar Casey Remedy for Plantar Warts
Baking powder and castor oil mixed into a paste and applied 3 x a day. I put some on with a bandaid over it in the morning and another fresh dab  at bedtime. They die and fall out usually after a couple of weeks if you are consistent.

Toenail Fungus
Soak in vinegar once a day for two to five minutes until the nail grows out clean..  white vinegar will do.

Dry Skin Brushing
Use a vegetable fiber wooden brush gently on dry skin. white powder should brush off