Art of Structural Integration

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This is a retrospective workshop from Sharon, as one Dr. Rolf's alledged "Artistic Experiments". In practice, the Art of Rolfing is the transformation of dense damaged tissue into the spacious fascial web of well being.

Sharon was to taught Rolf through vision and touch, with Dr. Rolf working through her hands so she could feel how to change tissue. She was shown how tissue looked and felt before and after work. Without reference to anatomy, she was taught from an artistic perspective.

This class will explore Dr. Rolf's different ways of changing tissue like strumming, ironing, shoveling and scraping. Sharon will demonstrate Dr. Rolf's method of triangulating the directional vector of the tissue, determining the change rate of the tissue and a test to see if you were successful. We will also explore balance and integration.

Dr. Rolf taught with stories and paradoxes, illustrating how the history of an accident was embedded in the body along with the age that it happened. She told of Grace, the music teacher; the first person she Rolfed, and of the flowers in her hair.  Sharon will share stories about the origins of the work, some stories Dr. Rolf told, as well as some stories of her own about Dr. Rolf.

Everyone will have a chance to receive a session from Sharon and get some practice learning the various Rolfing techniques, learning how to “see”, and identifying the next and right place to work within a given session.