SI for the Cranium

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The seventh hour is the centerpiece of the ten-series. Dr. Rolf said that we do the first six sessions so we can do the seventh, and then we spend three more integrating what comes out of that seventh session. The main pattern and sequence of the techniques you will see are from Dr. Rolf, with some interesting additions from Sharon. These are all direct techniques from which you may expect large amounts of structural change.

"Two handed torque" for the cranium will be taught. This delightful technique smooths out lumps, bumps, dents and distortions in the skull, nicely demonstrating the fluidity of spongy bone in the cranium. For the lower jaw and zygomatic arch the "double pry bar" for width and balance will be taught. We will explore nose work, the eye sockets, the ears and ear cartilage, and the hyoid. Close attention will be given to the atlas/axis relationship and we will take a good look at the upper back and upper ribs and shoulders as they relate to this work.