Rolf Movement


Structural Integration has at its inception a series of movements and exercises learned by Dr. Rolf from Amy Cochran, an osteopath. Structural Integration is the combination of applied pressure to lengthen the tissue, while calling for specific organizing patterns of movement. It is the nature of these organizing movements that generates the principles of the Rolf Movement work.

With Structural Integration, change in the physical body’s structure, results in better function. Rolf Movement changes function which results in an integrative change in the physical body structure. Education in understanding principles of movement, and the use of the movement sequence is a way for an individual to work to further the development of a better integrated and better functioning body.

Rolf Movement Integration was developed by Dr. Rolf with Dorothy Nolte. Since it’s origin, many gifted teachers have contributed their insights to the work. Dr. Rolf taught movement in her classes and educated people in understanding newly acquired good structure. She advised her students to become educators and to study movement.

Rolf Movement is best done after some experience with Structural Integration. It is usually taught in a series of 6 to 8 individual sessions. The sessions are tailored to each individual’s abilities and interests. Movement principles may be used to address general physical activities like walking, running, or swimming. They may be applied to most sports and martial arts. They may be applied to daily activities like carrying a child, bringing in the groceries, sitting at a desk or driving a car. They may even be applied to adapting the environment to support good physical structure and function.